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PixelMe is a URL shortener that includes a retargeting pixel in every link.
Start building a custom audience on an ad platform and improve your 
marketing efforts. Increase your ads campaign CTR, decrease your CPC.
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How it works

Serve specific ads to everyone who clicked on a link.
Shorten with PixelMe
Shorten your links with retargeting pixels from ad platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, Linkedin, and more.
Share Links
Share your links on social media, ads, emails, or wherever else you’d like to generate clicks and grow your custom audience.
Retarget on ad platforms
Reach people who clicked on your links 
across several ad platforms (Facebook, 
Twitter, Linkedin, Adwords & more).

Add a retargeting pixel to every link you share

Connect directly to your ad platforms to create, measure, and share short URLs - even with a custom domain.
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Measure and track clicks through link analytics. Use these insights to learn what is resonating with your audiences and segment your retargeting efforts.
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Automatically include retargeting pixels in every link you share. Of course, PixelMe keeps them short.
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Custom Domain
Drive CTR up to 34% with Branded Short Domains. Branded Short Domains replace the 'pxlme.me' in your links with your brand name, allowing you to take total control of your content.
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Multi-Ads platform
Add retargeting pixels from Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Quora & Pinterest Ads platform. You can either choose to include only one pixel or multi-pixel in the same link, so you can retarget people on different Ads platform.
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Bulk import
Add multiple links in one go with a simple copy-paste and find them in your dashboard to share individually.
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Customized slugs
Edit the last part of all your URLs and personalized it. Like company.com/marketing
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Personalized 404
Choose the page your visitors will see when you'll have a dead links or an non-existing link
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Team members
Invite people to contribute and help you to manage your links on PixelMe.

PixelMe Chrome Extension

Shorten and share your links straight from your browser!

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