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How a fast-growing FinTech company increased customer traffic by 60% with branded short links
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It’s critical to lead product and marketing process with solid data-driven models so you can act on the results. Combined with our daily operational tools, PixelMe helped us refine our strategies and increase our efficiency immensely.

- Eray Eren, Co-founder & CPO, Colendi

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Meet their team

Colendi is a blockchain-based, decentralized credibility evaluation and microcredit platform.

One of Colendi’s 4 co-founders previously built one of the most prominent FinTech startups in Turkey - Ininal, a prepaid card company that birthed a new concept of banking transactions without the need for a bank account. By taking this concept one step further and allowing a “credit-flow” for unbanked people, Colendi launched in 2017 in Istanbul and later opened their HQ office in Zug, Switzerland. They’ve since been focused on R&D to create an alternative credit score and microcredit platform that provides access to financing for everyone.

The team includes mostly FinTech sector professionals and young minds that are passionate about making a real contribution. Their CPO Eray Eren leads all product & growth activities. In his own time, he also works on his FinTech startup Zoom, a P2P money transfer application.

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The Goal

Colendi aims to build brand awareness and grow to 1 million users signed up with a Colendi ID by 2020.

🎯 Colendi has various target audiences:

- Blockchain communities to spread the word about their mobile Dapp & Colendi Token
- Consumers to use their Colendi Dapps and access credits
- FinTech, Banking, and Software businesses to understand their technology & services

The Problem

Colendi focuses on content marketing and product education to their communities. They wanted easy ways to:

- Brand themselves and help people understand their offerings by simply looking at links they shared. For example, whether it was a link to their blog or 3rd party content.
- Understand the performance of every URL shared. Their team is heavily data-driven to improve their Marketing & Product efforts and plan for new campaigns.

The Solution

Colendi adopted the following steps with PixelMe to solve their needs:

1. Create short links with Custom Domains: Colendi created “” branded short links to grow brand awareness in all their links, including 3rd party articles, blog posts, events, and more.

- Colendi has a Telegram channel of 15k people that’s grown to 30k clicks:
- They also customize links they send to people to download their mobile apps in the App Store or Google Play Store:

2. Add UTM parameters to each URL: Each URL Colendi shares has multiple UTM tags attached. This lets them track which platforms their website clicks came from, and see which campaigns generated the most traffic.

3. Manage & easily edit links: After creating a link, Colendi edits the Destination URL as needed without changing the PixelMe shortened link. This gives them flexibility to make tweaks and optimizations after a campaign starts.

- At times, they change the target URL to easily share the same link in various media, while being able to divert their community to various content destinations.

4. Measure the success of any link: Colendi often creates multiple links for the same URL, and uses them in different channels e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Medium.

- In their dashboard and via PixelMe emails, they track total & unique clicks and where clicks come from. This lets them understand the types of content people prefer and which platforms to keep investing in.

5. Link Retargeting: Colendi is restarting their ad campaigns with Audience Builder. They plan to retarget people who clicked on their links with ads on Facebook and Google, by embedding retargeting pixels to their links.

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Products Used

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Audience Builder
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UTM Builder
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Tips for Businesses

Here are 3 tips for getting started from Colendi's CPO, Eray Eren:

1. Grow brand awareness: "Use PixelMe to make your links more branded and professional with custom domains.”

2. Optimize your marketing campaigns: "Monitor performance across your links to improve your marketing content planning."

3. Simplify your campaign setup: "PixelMe is easy to set up and very easy to use. I never had any performance marketing or social media experiences before using PixelMe. PixelMe is the one tool I enjoy playing with and managing."

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