Track conversions across your ad platforms

Install the PixelMe conversion tracking pixel on your website to track results from any acquisition campaign, and improve your paid marketing efforts.
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Your all-in-one marketing platform

Track customer journeys and optimize your acquisition campaigns.

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Optimize ads spend
Measure ROI across your Facebook & Google campaigns and organic channels, to find out which marketing efforts perform best and which ones to invest less in.
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View customer journeys
Identify every visitor's touchpoint that led to a conversion. Choose from first touch, multi-touch, or last touch attribution models.
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Attribute traffic sources
See where your website visitors come from by adding UTM tags to your links. Then, compare paid vs. organic marketing to see which channels and campaigns convert best.
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Get trustworthy data
Analyze your cross-channel campaign metrics in one dashboard using reliable data. Save time by syncing your data across multiple ad platforms.

How it works

Serve specific ads to everyone who clicked on a link.
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1. Add the website tracking code
Anytime someone visits your site, the PixelMe pixel gets triggered to log which pages they visit. If you have European visitors, you can create a custom CTA to only fire the pixel if they agree.
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2. Setup pixel events
When a visitor takes an action that’s important to your business (e.g., purchase) as a result of any of your ads, that action is logged to our PixelMe pixel and shown in your dashboard.
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3. Add UTM tracking
To better track your ad results and ROI across channels, add UTM parameters to your links to see how people arrived on your site from your acquisition campaigns.
4. Measure and grow
Analyze all your paid marketing efforts in PixelMe’s dashboard. Get the insights you need to continually optimize costs across channels.

Base your marketing decisions on data

Improve critical metrics like conversion and acquisition to drive revenue

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