How to create an ultra-targeted audience for free using Quora

By Tom Benattar | 8 Jul 2018

1. Contribute to a Quora wiki

Quora offers a particularly interesting proposition that can help you quickly increase traffic to your site for free: the answer wiki!

What is a wiki? According to Quora, it’s a way to “allow the entire Quora community to collaborate on an answer summary or an aggregated answer for a particular question”.

All registered Quora users can contribute to an answer wiki, and this lets the person posing the question collate responses from a variety of demographics.

Why should I respond to a wiki? Well, the answer appears at the top of that question’s page. That means anyone who’s interested in that question will see your answer first. See where we might be going with this?!

You must be careful not to only shamelessly promote your product, though. The Quora community and its moderators validate every wiki, so you should provide complete answers that a) answer the question and b) are more than just ads for your product(s) 😉


How do I contribute to a wiki? It’s super simple. First, make sure you’re a registered user, and then find a wiki discussing your product – either directly or indirectly.

As an example, for our product PixelMe (a URL shortener that adds a retargeting pixel into URLs) we look for wikis that talk about things like URL shorteners, traffic retargeting, tools for Amazon sellers and Bitly competitors. But obviously, they’re not always available – it’s about timing and that’s all part of the game!

When you find a suitable question and answer wiki you want to contribute to, simply click on the three dots and then click “Create Answer Wiki”, as shown below.


The text field pops open, and you can add your response to the wiki. Remember to include a UTM when you insert your website link so you can track traffic to your site from this source 😉


And that’s it! Assuming you pass the validation check by Quora, of course 🤞

2. Retarget competitor traffic

We just covered how easy it is to drive qualified traffic from Quora to your website. Now we want to show you how you can go even further using PixelMe 😉

You might think we’re crazy to even think about sending traffic to our competitors’ websites, but when we use this process to create a custom, ultra-targeted audience you’ll see there’s a method to our madness! 😄

Insert PixelMe URLs to your wiki

So remember, this step is all about sending traffic to our competitors, which means we have to be very careful in the way we do this.

We’ll use an example PixelMe URL that redirects to the website of our competitor Sniply:

The only other thing we do is add the relevant pixels we want (for Facebook, Google Adwords, Twitter etc) to the link 😍


So even if a person clicks on the Sniply URL in the answer wiki on Quora, we can retarget them with an ad for our product. What could be better than targeting people interested in your competitors’ products? It’s a thing of beauty!

3. Create your custom, ultra-targeted audience

Now let’s create your custom audience based on the different PixelMe URLs of your wiki – which is also incredibly simple.

In Facebook Business Manager, go to the Audience tab and click “Create Audience”.

Add all your URLs to “URL equals” from the last 180 days.


And there it is! Wait a few hours and you can launch a Facebook advertising campaign that retargets this ultra-targeted audience.

Want to try PixelMe, the URL shortener for savvy marketers? 👉 Start your 7-day free trial, no credit card required.

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