Product update: Smart Attribution & Audience Builder 📊

By Bernou Benne | 11 Jul 2019

We're super excited to be able to announce a huge dashboard update today!

From now on, the dashboard will be split into two easy-to-access sections - Smart Attribution and Audience Builder.

This split will make it easier for users to take advantage of our new attribution tool, as well as continue to use our link shortening and retargeting features.

Watch our 2 minute video about the split below:

Smart Attribution

Our previous 'conversion tracking' section has been renamed and given a makeover. It now has its own dashboard, which is split into filters. This way, you can easily get an overview of your attribution, sorted in a customizable way to make sure it fits your needs.

Smart Attribution

Want to find out more about our Smart Attribution? Check out more info here.

Some of the great new features we've launched are:

🔍 Create custom filters for your data, based on UTMs.

🏆 Easily find your most valuable marketing channel by comparing data across platforms.

🙋‍ See individual user data, including all their touchpoints.

smart attribution journeys

Audience Builder

If you're a long time user of PixelMe, don't worry - all your favorite link retargeting features are all still there! They've just been moved to the 'Audience Builder' tab.

audience builder

The main change in this section is that we've moved the settings which are related specifically to retargeting and shortening into the Audience Builder itself. You can still find your general account settings by using the Settings button in the left hand navigation bar.

We hope you enjoy this updated dashboard! Let us know if you have any feedback by pressing the blue chat button in the corner. 💌

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