Product update: Conversion tracking! 🎯

By Bernou Benne | 21 Mar 2019

One of the main goals we had going into this year was to deliver conversion tracking, an update which we knew would add huge value to our product for our customers. We heard the demand from our users asking for something they could use in addition to their usual PixelMe dashboard, making it possible to use PixelMe as the one-stop solution for tracking all their digital marketing efforts - so we got to work.

We're very happy to be able to announce that we made it happen, and it's ready to be tested by our users ✨! With our conversion tracking beta now open, you can:

📍 Track visitors across your website, so you can see each touchpoint along their journey.

💰 Combine your UTM and conversion tracking to get a complete picture of which traffic is most valuable to you.

🚀 Measure conversion events (e.g. signup, add to cart, subscribe) across ad campaigns.


Of course, this plugs right into all the other great features we had on our dashboard before!

If you're already a part of our great community, you'll have gotten a notification about the beta being open. Not a user yet? No worries - the conversion beta is now included in all trials, so just sign up for your 7 day trial here to give it a go 👈!

Got any feedback you'd like to share with us? We'd love to hear it! You can either start a chat with us by using the chat interface at the bottom right of your screen, or send us an email at 💌.