Meet the PixelMe team

We are SaaS, growth lovers and we build a product for marketers
Maxime Berthelot - CEO PixelMe
Maxime Berthelot
Jérémie Doucy - CTO PixelMe
Jérémie Doucy
Tom Benattar - CPO PixelMe
Tom Benattar
Stephen Zambaux - Full Stack Engineer PixelMe
Stephen Zambaux
Full Stack Engineer
Nicolas Moinard - Growth Engineer PixelMe
Nicolas Moinard
Growth Engineer

Our investors

pixelme team

Why we decided to raise $1.3M after 1 year bootstrapping and how everything happened

We raised $1.3M (€1M) with Serena led by Kamel Zeroual! And 6 amazing Business Angels from Intercom, GetApp, Criteo and Facebook.

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