PixelMe | Retargeting Ads Platform
Add a retargeting pixel to every link you share

PixelMe is an URL shortener that include a retargeting pixel in every link.

Start building a custom audience on an Ads platform and improve your marketing efforts. Increase your Ads campaign CTR, decrease your CPC



Automatically include retargeting pixels in every link you share. Of course, PixelMe keeps them short.


Measure and track clicks through link analytics. Use these insights to learn what is resonating with your audiences and segment your retargeting efforts.

Branded Domain

Drive CTR up to 34% with Branded Short Domains. Branded Short Domains replace the 'pxlme.me' in your links with your brand name, allowing you to take total control of your content.

Multi-Ads platform

Add retargeting pixels from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Ads platform. You can either choose to include only one pixel or multi-pixel in the same link, so you can retarget people on different Ads platform.

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