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Create & manage UTMs, embed retargeting pixels, and track your paid acquisition within the same link.
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The all-in-one marketing toolkit for savvy maketers
Track your paid acquisition, retarget people who clicked on your links & manage your campaigns from one place.
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URL shortener
Add retargeting pixels to your links and turn every URL into perfect targeted ads.
Retarget your visitors on 3rd party platforms like Amazon, Medium, Apple Store, Kickstarter...
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UTM builder
Add campaign parameters (UTMs) to URLs to track sources, medium, terms, and more.
Organize all your links with folders, count clicks, and track conversions for all your campaigns in one place.
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PixelMe is integrated into all your ad platforms
as well as any other marketing platform you’d like to use.
PixelMe Chrome Extension
Shorten and share your links straight from your browser!
The most advanced platform to track all your links.
All your retargeting pixels in one place
Measure and Analyze

Clicks' statistics can be traced back to individual links. For each link, you 
can now see the number of unique clicks vs total clicks, sorted by country, 
device, browser, OS, and pixel. Links certified uptime is 99,9%.

GDPR Compliance

Be GDPR compliant. Display a customized CTA only to your European visitors and automatically fire the pixel based on your visitor's choice.

PixelMe Integrations

Connect the tools you love to your account, such as Buffer, Chrome, Missinglettr, and more.

Case studies
Need some inspiration? Here are some use cases for you to explore!
PixelMe makes it simple to send people to Amazon 
from paid ads or social media posts and retarget them 
afterwards. All it takes is a little extra effort upfront.
Facebook Ads
If you're currently using traditional methods to place 
ads, it's not possible to add retargeting pixels when 
linking to third-party platforms such as Amazon or 
Medium. We can change that.
Social Media on steroids
Track all the people who clicked on your link on 
social media and retarget them on ad platforms.
Increase your CTR
Build perfect custom audiences and target interested 
people. In tests, PixelMe increased clickthroughs by 
more than 600%.
Retarget your Medium readers
Add a retargeting pixel when you promote your 
Medium article on social media. Add a retargeting 
pixel in links in the article itself.
When working with influencers, add a retargeting 
pixel to the links they share on your behalf. Use the 
pixel to build perfect custom audiences for the future.

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